Synonyms for Stockings:


clothing (noun)
greatcoat, garment, smoking jacket, fedora, suit, apparel, tuxedo, homburg, sweater, costume, chapeau, slicker, habit, pinafore, fur, windbreaker, beret, halter, sweat shirt, cloak, sarong, nightgown, panties, hat, vestment, shoes, dressing gown, ulster, wrapper, pyjamas, outfit, sweat suit, pea coat, pants, stetson, overcoat, slacks, clothing, jumper, array, doublet, chemise, pajamas, camisole, t-shirt, blazer, headdress, pillbox, scarf, shorts, parka, kimono, robe, duds, vesture, brassiere, raiment, turtle-neck, cape, sports coat, smock, garb, mackintosh, caftan, bowler, petticoat, v neck, frock, fez, poncho, jersey, wrap, pull over, gown, afghan, burnoose, jacket, skirt, bonnet, dress, raincoat, footgear, housecoat, boot, coat, crinoline, sari, blue jeans, corset, bathrobe, blouse, tunic, attire, trousers, trimming, shirt, ensemble, clothes, dinner jacket, shawl, trench coat, kilt, evening gown, topcoat.
clothing (plural) (noun)
outfits, bonnets, shirts, brassieres, Doublets, sarongs, cloaks, Habits, garbs, wrappers, berets, pillboxes, trench coats, suits, kimonos, smocks, robes, coats, housecoats, fedoras, shawls, turtle-necks, saris, apparels, dresses, pull-overs, blouses, Afghans, Jerseys, sweat suits, ensembles, pea coats, nightgowns, pinafores, wraps, headdresses, garments, smoking jackets, jackets, sweat shirts, jumpers, bathrobes, vestures, tuxedoes, evening gowns, skirts, dinner jackets, costumes, topcoats, sports coats, trimmings, parkas, corsets, halters, kilts, bowlers, t-shirts, tunics, greatcoats, crinolines, windbreakers, Scarves, dressing gowns, petticoats, overcoats, frocks, Stetsons, hats, mackintoshes, Boots, burnooses, furs, sweaters, caftans, v-necks, raincoats, vestments, Ponchos, camisoles, slickers, chemises, blazers, gowns, capes.

Other synonyms:

clothes, shoes.

Usage examples for stockings

  1. A few pairs of black silk stockings extra quality and extra size, would be nice, too. – Star-Dust A Story of an American Girl by Fannie Hurst
  2. " Apparently you place great importance in stockings said Fleda, laughing, " for you always mention them first. – Queechy, Volume II by Elizabeth Wetherell
  3. It was not his fault that the Blue Stockings did not finish better than third. – Lefty Locke Pitcher-Manager by Burt L. Standish