Synonyms for Ensemble:


beachwear, civvies, combats, accessory, casuals, black, baggies, black tie. assortment, band, arsenal, battery, chorus, group, bale, troupe, agglomeration, bank, quartet, batch, bevy, company, assemblage. chamber orchestra, consort, gamelan, brass band, girl band, combo, boy band, dance band. clothing (noun)
clothing, costume, shawl, raiment, beret, suit, trench coat, apparel, shorts, sports coat, crinoline, pyjamas, sari, panties, sweater, habit, dinner jacket, blouse, dressing gown, caftan, halter, cloak, mackintosh, shirt, corset, frock, fez, tuxedo, fur, pinafore, brassiere, jumper, v neck, bathrobe, topcoat, footgear, camisole, poncho, robe, homburg, sweat suit, gown, sarong, evening gown, kilt, pants, vestment, wrap, bonnet, t-shirt, ulster, slacks, outfit, vesture, shoes, smoking jacket, doublet, blue jeans, pull over, chapeau, stetson, coat, nightgown, kimono, dress, headdress, array, attire, clothes, stockings, bowler, overcoat, trimming, pillbox, trousers, smock, pajamas, tunic, cape, garment, boot, wrapper, hat, duds, windbreaker, pea coat, greatcoat, chemise, petticoat, skirt, garb, jacket, afghan, parka, burnoose, housecoat, slicker, jersey, turtle-neck, blazer, scarf, raincoat, sweat shirt, fedora.
clothing outfit (noun)
garb, coordinates, costume, suit.
collection (noun)
chorus, set, quartet, company, outfit, organization, composite, group, troupe, whole, aggregate, band, gathering, assemblage.
combination (noun)
assembly, amalgam, incorporation, compound, commixture, mixture, admixture, brew, conglomeration, mix, composite, hodgepodge, infusion, amalgamation, alloy, paste, blend, conglomerate, fusion, concoction, medley, composition, combination.
costume (noun)
ensemble (noun)
supporting players, tout ensemble, corps de ballet.
entirety (noun)
collection, aggregate, organization, gathering, set, whole, group.
musical group (noun)
suit (noun)

Other synonyms:

chamber orchestra, brass band, gamelan, dance band, boy band, girl band, quartet. combo. band, consort. group. tout-ensemble
tout ensemble.
Other relevant words:
band, chamber orchestra, bevy, combo, assortment, black, batch, gathering, baggies, organization, aggregate, agglomeration, assemblage, battery, group, coordinates, beachwear, consort, set, company, arsenal, brass band, bank, supporting players, collection, chorus, accessory, corps de ballet, troupe, combats, civvies, quartet, gamelan, whole, bale, casuals.

Usage examples for ensemble

  1. In the large mirror of the dark wardrobe she surveyed her victoriously young face, the magnificent grey dress, the coiffure, the jewels, the spangled shoes, the fan; and the ensemble satisfied her. – The Lion's Share by E. Arnold Bennett
  2. Schoneck has just written to me that he has broken with the director, Wallner, because the latter refused to carry out his undertaking as to the excellence of the ensemble – Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt, Volume 1 by Francis Hueffer (translator)
  3. No competent bank president, surveying the ensemble would have for a moment considered making a bookkeeper out of the wearer. – The Wrong Twin by Harry Leon Wilson