Synonyms for Pajamas:


clothing (noun)
corset, slacks, bowler, clothing, chemise, pea coat, caftan, dress, blazer, burnoose, habit, afghan, boot, bonnet, shawl, wrapper, housecoat, trousers, sweater, mackintosh, sweat suit, jacket, frock, costume, shorts, raincoat, tuxedo, fur, fez, brassiere, beret, panties, halter, cape, array, clothes, jumper, cloak, doublet, sweat shirt, garment, t-shirt, footgear, overcoat, shirt, smock, attire, stetson, nightgown, shoes, pinafore, topcoat, pillbox, jersey, kimono, fedora, trench coat, v neck, crinoline, windbreaker, scarf, pyjamas, robe, parka, evening gown, apparel, garb, pull over, sari, homburg, dinner jacket, smoking jacket, dressing gown, ulster, suit, chapeau, trimming, headdress, blue jeans, greatcoat, ensemble, skirt, slicker, coat, outfit, stockings, vesture, turtle-neck, hat, petticoat, blouse, tunic, camisole, kilt, wrap, vestment, sports coat, sarong, raiment, bathrobe, gown, pants, duds, poncho.
clothing (plural) (noun)
bowlers, housecoats, blazers, topcoats, smocks, saris, dresses, Stetsons, headdresses, wraps, wrappers, sweat shirts, ensembles, sports coats, Ponchos, Doublets, brassieres, t-shirts, crinolines, chemises, pillboxes, dressing gowns, halters, dinner jackets, hats, blouses, coats, v-necks, pea coats, skirts, sweaters, bonnets, Boots, fedoras, turtle-necks, Afghans, furs, sweat suits, bathrobes, windbreakers, Habits, suits, parkas, burnooses, tunics, trimmings, overcoats, raincoats, berets, shawls, jumpers, tuxedoes, sarongs, garbs, shirts, pinafores, cloaks, evening gowns, mackintoshes, slickers, gowns, garments, frocks, kimonos, greatcoats, corsets, outfits, pull-overs, Scarves, kilts, nightgowns, jackets, petticoats, Jerseys, trench coats, smoking jackets, robes, camisoles, vestures, apparels, caftans, vestments, capes, costumes.
nightclothes (noun)
nightdress, negligee, nightshirt.
nightgown (noun)
nightwear (noun)
lounging robe, lounging pajamas, nightie.
pajamas (noun)
lounging robe, jammies, nightshirt, pyjamas, pj's, nightie, nightdress.

Other synonyms:

negligee. nightclothes
nightie, nightdress, nightshirt.
Other relevant words:
negligee, jammies, nightie, lounging pajamas, nightshirt, nightdress, pj's, lounging robe.

Usage examples for pajamas

  1. Lastly you have a glimpse of him in pajamas discoursing with several other business men in pajamas all sitting cross- legged and smoking enormous cigars. – The So-called Human Race by Bert Leston Taylor
  2. I can't wear a boy's pajamas all mussed up, at that. – Dorothy on a Ranch by Evelyn Raymond