Synonyms for Crinoline:


fabric (adjective)
satin, dacron, batik, burlap, sharkskin, cambric, acrilan, cashmere, gossamer, net, cotton, gabardine, canvas, chintz, crepe, madras, bunting, linen, alpaca, tulle, quilting, seersucker, tweed, duffel, serge, mohair, chiffon, broadcloth, foulard, horsehair, lame, herringbone, Celanese, silk, wool, percale, matting, velvet, corduroy, tarpaulin, gingham, moleskin, paisley, longcloth, taffeta, twill, astrakhan, flannel, plaid, cheesecloth, sacking sailcloth, muslin, orlon, baize, chenille, fleece, grenadine, challis, felt, velour, damask, denim, fabric, sateen, calico, nylon, tricot, jersey, brocade, suede, worsted, rayon, oilcloth.


bustle, armor, codpiece, armour, bloomers, bobby socks, chain mail. artifact (noun)
clothing (noun)
footgear, caftan, slicker, corset, wrap, sari, pants, clothing, dress, trimming, pajamas, brassiere, duds, burnoose, gown, afghan, greatcoat, homburg, wrapper, garment, slacks, dinner jacket, clothes, apparel, sarong, pull over, suit, stockings, evening gown, housecoat, turtle-neck, shorts, dressing gown, sweat suit, smoking jacket, cape, kimono, array, garb, petticoat, poncho, outfit, camisole, beret, sweater, boot, vesture, overcoat, robe, bathrobe, chemise, bowler, pinafore, mackintosh, kilt, sports coat, windbreaker, fez, vestment, sweat shirt, pyjamas, raincoat, raiment, costume, tunic, frock, tuxedo, parka, smock, shawl, blazer, halter, attire, t-shirt, trousers, blue jeans, panties, cloak, trench coat, bonnet, doublet, v neck, stetson, nightgown, pea coat, fedora, ulster, habit, ensemble, hat, coat, shirt, shoes, chapeau, jacket, blouse, pillbox, headdress, skirt, scarf, jumper, fur, topcoat.
crinoline (noun)

Other synonyms:

bustle, codpiece, chain mail, bloomers, bobby socks, armor. Other relevant words:
hoopskirt, bustle, armor, codpiece, bloomers.

Usage examples for crinoline

  1. Over the great crinoline the ladies wore the richest silks, adorned with silver and gold lace; they had had their hair dressed and decorated with flowers and ribbons, and carried elegant fans in their hands. – Marie Antoinette And Her Son by Louise Muhlbach Official