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suede - 85 results
Other synonyms:

goatskin, leather, deerskin, hide, cowhide, suede leather, calfskin, crocodile, chamois, suede cloth, buckskin, kid.

Examples of usage:

She's changed to an afternoon costume, sort of an old blue effect with not a frill or a ruffle in sight but with everything toned in, from the spider- webby hat to the suede slippers. - "Torchy and Vee", Sewell Ford.

She locked her hands together, in the shabby, black suede gloves. - "Man and Maid", Elinor Glyn.

But, best of all," added Arline triumphantly, sinking into a chair and opening her brown suede handbag, " I have money- fifty dollars! - "Grace Harlowe's Second Year at Overton College", Jessie Graham Flower.

Similar words:

suede cloth, suede glove, Sued, suety.

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