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suede - 85 results
fabric (adjective)

chiffon, gabardine, denim, challis, tricot, longcloth, batik, foulard, Acrilan, chintz, calico, worsted, oilcloth, gossamer, broadcloth, Jersey, sacking sailcloth, velour, tweed, crinoline, duffel, corduroy, fleece, bunting, cotton, grenadine, Celanese, lame, flannel, gingham, percale, tulle, Orlon, crepe, horsehair, plaid, seersucker, serge, linen, matting, net, brocade, velvet, rayon, moleskin, cambric, nylon, damask, satin, herringbone, astrakhan, alpaca, sharkskin, taffeta, baize, mohair, madras, paisley, fabric, twill, wool, Dacron, tarpaulin, cashmere, chenille, cheesecloth, muslin, quilting, burlap, canvas, silk, sateen, felt.

Other synonyms:

goatskin, leather, deerskin, hide, cowhide, suede leather, calfskin, crocodile, chamois, suede cloth, buckskin, kid.

Examples of usage:

She's changed to an afternoon costume, sort of an old blue effect with not a frill or a ruffle in sight but with everything toned in, from the spider- webby hat to the suede slippers. - "Torchy and Vee", Sewell Ford.

She locked her hands together, in the shabby, black suede gloves. - "Man and Maid", Elinor Glyn.

But, best of all," added Arline triumphantly, sinking into a chair and opening her brown suede handbag, " I have money- fifty dollars! - "Grace Harlowe's Second Year at Overton College", Jessie Graham Flower.

Similar words:

suede cloth, suede glove, Sued, suety.

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