Synonyms for Vaporous:


airy (adjective)
breezy, aerial, Vapory, windy, airy, misty, immaterial, smoggy, fleeting, atmospheric, climactic.
fanciful (adjective)
gaseous (adjective)
miasmic, atmospheric, gaseous, Reeky, steamy, rarefied.
nonexistent (adjective)
unreal (adjective)


fanciful (noun)
imaginary, fleeting, unsubstantial.
foggy (noun)
aerial, misty, haze, Vapory, smoggy.
vaporous (noun)
gaseous, gauzy, cloudy, miasmal, vapourish, cobwebby, miasmic, sheer, gossamer, transparent, filmy, thin, see through, diaphanous, vaporific, vaporish.

Other synonyms:

Gossamery, aery, Vapory. aerial. Other relevant words:
misty, thin, smoggy, vaporific, Vapory, vaporish, aerial, cloudy, diaphanous, transparent, gossamer, see through, aery, Gossamery, vapourish, gauzy, airy, fleeting, imaginary, sheer, unsubstantial, filmy, miasmal, cobwebby.

Usage examples for vaporous

  1. For some time the two were silent, the sun shining down warmly on them through the faint, vaporous green of the tiny leaves. – Hillsboro People by Dorothy Canfield
  2. As I entered, the vaporous atmosphere was palpitating to the low, liquid tinkling of an invisible musical box. – Prince Zaleski by M.P. Shiel