Synonyms for Description:


information, narration, sketch, profile, recitation, characterization, representation, delineation, depiction, story, declaration, portrait, tale, brief, specification, rehearsal. classification, order, variety, differentiation, Labeling, attribution, modelling, exemplification, modeling, schematization, type, dramatization. words, version. show, expression. stripe, breed, manner, group, lot, mold, persuasion, species, ilk, feather, stamp, sort, cast. account in speech, writing (noun)
chronicle, narration, explanation, statement, record, portrayal, characterization, brief, representation, monograph, depiction, definition, rehearsal, specification, report, story, summary, sketch, narrative, declaration, recitation, delineation, recital, information, version, tale.
character (noun)
temperament, character, peculiarity, individuality, nature, personality, reputation, standing, kind, disposition, stature, repute, class.
chronicle (noun)
docket, archive, daybook, biography, yearbook, scrapbook, account, newsletter, ledger, record, history, inventory, index, calendar, journal, chronology, anecdote, memorandum, diary, autobiography, register, Cashbook, log, book, catalog, notebook, recital, newspaper, statement, narrative, album, epic, Bank book, memo, enumeration, chronicle.
class, kind (noun)
character, sort, type, classification, variety, breed, order, ilk, nature, species, stripe, feather.
communication (noun)
verbal description.
description (noun)
verbal description.
meaning (noun)
crux, indication, meaning, interpretation, topic, intent, upshot, tenor, point, relevance, definition, denotation, significance, connotation, purpose, thrust, pith, implication, message, gist, drift, subject, explanation.
rehearsal (noun)
report (noun)
report, monograph, article, portrayal, table, telling, summary, recounting, memoir, treatise, retelling.

Other synonyms:

recitation, ilk, depiction, sort, profile, characterization, attribution. feather, narration, delineation, species, representation, sketch, type, portrait, story, modeling. version, stripe. mold. persuasion, breed. manner, lot, expression. order. sort
Other relevant words:
classification, breed, manner, attribution, story, depiction, information, cast, representation, mold, profile, version, delineation, portrait, differentiation, characterization, show, recitation, declaration, verbal description, brief, lot, feather, ilk, sort, sketch, persuasion, stamp, narration, type, tale, group, stripe, expression, variety, species, rehearsal, specification, order.

Usage examples for description

  1. But his description is not clear. – Plutarch's Lives Volume III. by Plutarch
  2. Some are without homes of any description – The Sequel of Appomattox A Chronicle of the Reunion of the States, Volume 32 In The Chronicles Of America Series by Walter Lynwood Fleming