Synonyms for Manifestation:


pointer, smoking gun, the color of someone's money, suggestion. ghostly, guardian angel, note, ghost, daemon, indicator, sign, Genie, dryad, haunt, index, badge, mark, doppelganger, stamp, token, witness, signification, being. objectification, exteriorization, externalization, substitute, personalization, type, prosopopeia, personification. appearance (noun)
biblical revelation (noun)
epiphany, inspiration, gospel, issuance, materialization, prophecy, apparition, apotheosis, Revealment, vision, coming, appearance, evidence, emergence, oracle.
demonstration (noun)
expose, show.
discovery (noun)
determination, unraveling, acquisition, revelation, breakthrough, deduction, unmasking, realization, espial, identification, apocalypse, recognition, disclosure, detection, discovery, solution, exposure.
display (noun)
evidence (noun)
statement, connotation, validation, deposition, substantiation, authentication, data, information, exemplification, illustration, indication, exhibit, counter-evidence, corroboration, declaration, certification, quotation, fact, confirmation, observation, documentation, support, specimen, attestation, testimony, establishment.
exhibition, proof (noun)
expression, indication, symptom, show, materialization, display, demonstration, appearance, disclosure, exposure, sign, revelation, token, mark.
exteriorization (noun)
importance (noun)
manifestation (noun)
incarnation, proof, embodiment, unfolding, display, symptom, presentation, demonstration, reflection, showing, staging, reflexion, materialisation, exhibition, expression, materialization.
personification (noun)
visibility (noun)
distinctness, apparentness, clearness, plainness, discernibility, visibility, observability, perceptibility.

Other synonyms:

objectification, sign, externalization, prosopopeia, exteriorization, personalization. indicator, token, personification. index, type, witness, signification. badge. note. mark. Other relevant words:
materialisation, reflexion, sign, being, type, stamp, token, demonstration, externalization, badge, objectification, mark, signification, index, prosopopeia, indicator, note, witness, reflection, smoking gun, personification, exteriorization, personalization, suggestion.

Usage examples for manifestation

  1. Whole- hearted faith in Him has proved itself to be the most effective means to the manifestation of our own Christhood. – The New Theology by R. J. Campbell
  2. No outward manifestation of emotion escaped her. – The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins