Synonyms for Flux:


bonding, current, amplitude, calorific, attraction, balance, drift, centripetal force, capillary action, absorbance, surge, centrifugal force, flood, stream, tide, rush, move, air resistance, spate. alteration, transformation, game-changing, stabilization, adaptation, modification, conversion, Adaption. flood (noun)
flux (noun)
flux density, fuse, magnetic flux, magnetic field, blend, meld, combine, conflate, commingle, flow, mix, coalesce, immix, fluxion, merge, liquefy, liquify.
motion (noun)
mobility, movement, passage, locomotion, motion, motility, action, procession, transition, activity.
state of constant change (noun)
flow, transition, alteration, modification, motion.


change (verb)
liquify, liquefy.

Other synonyms:

conversion. spate, drift. stream, flood. current. current

Usage examples for flux

  1. Society was democratic, in a flux without pretence. – One Woman's Life by Robert Herrick
  2. As long ago as Pythagoras, man was taught that all things were in a state of flux without end as without beginning, and must we still, after more than two thousand years, pretend to regard the universe as some gigantic toy manufactured in six days by a Superhuman Artisan, who is presently to destroy it at his pleasure?" – The Valley of Decision by Edith Wharton
  3. This is radiant energy or radiant flux – The Nature of Animal Light by E. Newton Harvey