Synonyms for Treasury:


branch, customs, the civil service, bureau, directorate, administration (of an estate), council, corp, agency, corporation. arsenal, batch, keep, assemblage, battery, bevy, bale, assembly, agglomeration, assortment. change, bankroll, bailout, amount, cash flow, bond, appropriation, blood money, bounty. baronial, knightly, princely, blue-blooded, monarchical, noble, kingly, ducal, aristocratic, imperial. anthology (noun)
digest, album.
archives (noun)
cache (noun)
treasure, kitty.
chest (noun)
compilation (noun)
collection, assortment.
financial institution (noun)
fund (noun)
list (noun)
roster, yearbook, menu, scroll, annals, account, tablet, invoice, digest, diary, summary, logbook, journal, budget, enumeration, workbook, thesaurus, collection, inventory, log, ledger, tally, chronicle, docket, recount, pad, statement, score, catalog, census, record, roll, recording, documentation, sum, total, table, notebook, lexicon, album, bill, daybook, Storybook, store, manifest, calendar, check, detail, cash book, schedule, dictionary, annual, itemization, waybill, file, tabulate, index, count, register, book, registry, Bank book, scrapbook, blank-book, repertory, list, novel, history.
repository (noun)
money box, money exchange, central money office, cash register, storehouse.
treasury (noun)
hoard, kitty, treasury department, coin box, archive, treasure house, exchequer, store, treasure, storehouse, depository, till, department of the treasury, chest, bursary, register, locker, bank, piggy bank, safe, drawer, coffer, cash box, strongbox, first lord of the treasury, vault.

Other synonyms:

Treasury Department
treasury department.
Other relevant words:
assembly, change, customs, agglomeration, amount, bankroll, department of the treasury, knightly, bevy, money box, imperial, noble, bounty, bureau, corporation, branch, aristocratic, ducal, appropriation, baronial, first lord of the treasury, storehouse, assortment, bond, assemblage, treasury department, arsenal, exchequer, batch, kingly, directorate, cash register, corp, bale, council, battery, bailout, blue-blooded, keep, monarchical, princely, agency.

Usage examples for treasury

  1. About half the Secretaries of the Treasury of the Government of the United States have been of Scottish descent, and nearly a third of the Secretaries of State. – Scotland's Mark on America by George Fraser Black