Synonyms for Burner:


air conditioner, central heating, ac, air conditioning, air-conditioned, convector, dehumidifier, air, boiler. broiler, beater, colander, coffee machine, Barbie, barbecue, coffee maker, blender. furnace (noun)
radiator, water heater, register, sun lamp, smelter, warmer, solar heater, induction heater, oven, coke oven, Franklin stove, hearth, jet, steam heater, potbellied stove, fireplace, infrared lamp, kiln, blast furnace, firebox, furnace, coal stove, Bunsen Burner, heater.
torch (noun)
warmer, lamp, cooker, jet, heating element, heat unit, surface element, stove, gas burner, heater.

Other synonyms:

air conditioner, convector, air-conditioned, broiler, air conditioning, coffee machine, stove, Barbie, colander, blender, central heating, boiler, coffee maker, cooker, air, dehumidifier. beater. barbecue. Other relevant words:
stove, boiler, heat unit, surface element, dehumidifier, heating element, Barbie, cooker, convector, air, broiler, beater, colander, air-conditioned, barbecue, lamp, blender, central heating.

Usage examples for burner

  1. Soon after Dave and Dan were called up, Farley, listening with his door ajar half an inch, slipped out and hit the tungsten burner a smart rap just in the nick of time to save Dan Dalzell's Navy uniform to that young man. – Dave Darrin's Fourth Year at Annapolis by H. Irving Hancock
  2. If the air- holes at the base of the Bunsen burner be opened, the two inner cones become elongated, and the flame appears almost colorless. – The Elements of Blowpipe Analysis by Frederick Hutton Getman