Synonyms for Intervene:


hold back, shut off, interfere with, suppress, kill off, squeeze out, cut into, stamp out. meddle, come between, intrude, interrupt, jump in, cut someone short, cut in, shout out, break in, chime in. wear on, elapse, tick away, creep by, slip by, time flies, go by, the passage of time, passing. intervene (noun)
interpose, interfere, step in.


happen (verb)
intervene (verb)
expedite, aid, implement.
mediate (verb)
intercede, mediate, compromise, intrude, meddle, involve, adjudicate, interpose, arbitrate, negotiate, step in, interrupt, assist, conciliate, parley, interfere, facilitate, come between, reconcile.
social (verb)
interpose, interfere, step in.

Other synonyms:

meddle, elapse, tick away, creep by, slip by, chime in. wear on, interrupt, jump in. shout out. cut in. go by, break in. passing. alienate
come between.
cut in.
step in.
Other relevant words:
passing, interfere, elapse, suppress, interfere with, occur, come between, happen, intrude, meddle, interrupt, hold back, interpose, involve.

Usage examples for intervene

  1. I want you to come to my house to spend the weeks that intervene – Mildred's New Daughter by Martha Finley
  2. Some say that I must intervene now and some say that I should not. – The Spinners by Eden Phillpotts