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froward - 45 results
disobedient (adjective)


Examples of usage:

But worse than these, I deem far worse, that other race of ills Which human kind rear up among themselves; That horrid offspring which misgovern'd Will 560 Bears to fantastic Error; vices, crimes, Furies that curse the earth, and make the blows, The heaviest blows, of Nature's innocent hand Seem sport: which are indeed but as the care Of a wise parent, who solicits good To all her house, though haply at the price Of tears and froward wailing and reproach From some unthinking child, whom not the less Its mother destines to be happy still. - "Poetical Works of Akenside", Mark Akenside.

It is a stubborn, froward dog; but Hold- fast is his name. - "Master Skylark", John Bennett.

Yes M. Welford, and I ask your pardon before this Gentleman for being froward: this kiss, and henceforth more affection. - "The Scornful Lady", Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher.

Similar words:

frontward, Frowned, frontwards, frowsty, frowzled, Frothed, frosted, frosted bat, black-fronted bush shrike.

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