Synonyms for Stimulated:


all (adjective)
aroused, stirred up, stirred.
aroused (adjective)
excited, impassioned, keyed up, accelerated.
excited (adjective)
feverish, excited, burning, breathless, fiery, electrified, impassioned, passionate, exhilarated, Energized, keyed up, effervescent, attentive, aroused, ardent, agitated, anxious, disquieted, turbulent, disturbed, inflamed, animated, fervent.
motivated (adjective)
forceful, motivated, Energized, triggered, fired, driven, induced, provoked.
refreshed (adjective)
exhilarated, Freshened, reinvigorated, restored, recovered, recharged, Recuperated, renewed, invigorated, enlivened, Rejuvenated, recouped, refreshed, resuscitated.


aroused (noun)
accelerated, keyed up, speeded up.
stimulated (noun)
excited, stirred, stirred up, aroused.


amused (verb)
entertained, pleased, diverted, refreshed, charmed, enthralled, delighted, amused, beguiled, Lightened, relaxed, distracted.
compelled (verb)
daunted, intimidated, Dragooned, hijacked, bullied, obliged, sparked, pressured, Incited, Caused, Urged, Bulldozed, motivated, pressed, Coerced, Nagged, Propelled, compelled, impelled, Fomented, goaded, browbeaten, dictated, drove, mandated, Galvanized, browbeat, driven, Pushed, stressed.
excited (verb)
motivated (verb)
magnetized, thrust, Enticed, Hurled, inspired, Lobbed, Shoved, stricken, Jerked, Instigated, shot, Jostled, Prodded, provoked, Poked, Bumped, Jogged, forced, pitched, heaved, Hastened, Punched, struck, Slung, jolted, moved, Threw, Knocked, nudged, Rammed, fermented, induced, triggered, Hurtled, Launched, thrown, Flung, catapulted.
refreshed (verb)
invigorated, recouped, enlivened, recharged, resuscitated, recovered, Rallied, reinvigorated, renewed, Recuperated, Freshened, Rejuvenated, restored.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
accelerated, stirred up, stirred.

Usage examples for stimulated

  1. A reward stimulated half- a- dozen to venture into the forest just at dusk to find Shaw, who was supposed to be at least three hours away from camp. – How I Found Livingstone by Sir Henry M. Stanley
  2. Hence, man is constantly stimulated to make new inventions, in order to be successful in the hunt. – The Later Cave-Men by Katharine Elizabeth Dopp
  3. John's fancy was not stimulated by his surroundings, but it fed upon itself and grew fast enough to acquire an influence over everything he did. – A Tale of a Lonely Parish by F. Marion Crawford