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ostensibly (adverb)

ostensibly, allegedly, speciously, seemingly.

Other synonyms:

in almost every way, anecdotal, putatively, simply, in theory, conspicuously, on paper, to all appearances, supposedly, to all intents and purposes, at a glance, seemingly, intuitively, indubitably, supposed, as it, as though, in all likelihood, most likely, manifestly, evident to the senses, unsubstantiated, in plain sight, mingly, externally, reputedly, presumably, openly, reasonably, as far as it is possible to assume, to all appearances, assumably, plain, not necessarily, transparently, professed, at first sight, outwardly, if one may judge, evidently, plainly, superficially, to the eye, alleged, doubtful, at first view, patently, as it were, surface, overtly, unfounded, on the face of it, possibly, the jury is still out (on), obviously, ms, as if, at first blush, expressly, speculative, ostensibly, mingly, ostensively, unmistakably.

Examples of usage:

He apparently thought I might be hurt. - "The Adventure of Living", John St. Loe Strachey.

Apparently he had taken to the river again. - "The Mandarin's Fan", Fergus Hume.

Apparently he did not hear her, for he asked abruptly:- Are you prepared to give up everything- everything in the world for art? - "The Splendid Folly", Margaret Pedler.

Similar words:

apparency, apparel, apparel industry, appareled, apparatus, breathing apparatus, genitourinary apparatus, gymnastic apparatus, Golgi Apparatus, Apparatus Urogenitalis.

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