Synonyms for Proverbial:


conventional, traditional (adjective)
current, famous, legendary, axiomatic, general, Familiar, notorious, well-known, unquestioned.


extinct, figurative, idiomatic, dead, cognate, creole, agglutinative, figuratively, disyllabic, classical. notorious, renowned, the one and only, infamous, famous, illustrious, celebrated, well-known, legendary, fabled. commonplace (noun)
dull, axiomatic, general, Familiar, common, current, unquestioned.
proverbial (noun)

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
disyllabic, current, extinct, notorious, idiomatic, celebrated, legendary, dull, infamous, general, classical, well-known, illustrious, Familiar, figuratively, axiomatic, dead, common, cognate, famous, figurative, renowned, fabled, unquestioned, agglutinative, creole.

Usage examples for proverbial

  1. He worked his slaves early and late, and was proverbial for cruelty to them. – A Woman's Life-Work Labors and Experiences by Laura S. Haviland
  2. Mrs. Carpenter might be intense too, after her fashion; but it was the fashion of the proverbial still waters that run deep. – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  3. This brought in the proverbial difficulty of proving a negative assertion. – The Ethnology of the British Islands by Robert Gordon Latham