Synonyms for Clause:


allomorph, ultimatum, accusative, requirement, antecedent, limitation, case, collocate, allophone, adjunct, cleft sentence. civil rights, constituent, Chapter 11, construction, civil law, bylaw, civil liberties, claim, Chapter 7, act, bill, string, transform, case law. clause (noun)
condition, phrase, article, proviso, paragraph, provision.
communication (noun)
condition (noun)
caveat, provision, proviso, article, condition, codicil, term, post script.
phrase (noun)
euphemism, adage, phrase, idiom, locution, expression, phraseology, mannerism, metaphor, figure of speech, cliche, terminology, motto, paragraph, slogan, sentence, catchphrase, epigram, proverb, maxim, Verbalism.
provision in document (noun)
condition, codicil, provision, ultimatum, limitation, paragraph, proviso, requirement, article.

Other synonyms:

adjunct, antecedent, accusative, cleft sentence, allomorph, collocate. act, allophone. case. Other relevant words:
allomorph, limitation, string, adjunct, allophone, ultimatum, requirement, act, construction, case, article, bill.

Usage examples for clause

  1. The following is probably as simple a statement of the general rule as can be found: If the relative clause is of such a nature that it could be introduced by and he, and she, and it, and they, etc. – Slips of Speech by John H. Bechtel