Synonyms for Speaker:


lecturer, loudhailer, preacher, discussant, rhetorician, amp, mike, demagogue, Discourser, megaphone, Declaimer, spellbinder, orator, speechmaker, bullhorn, MIC. encode, fidelity, spokesman, code switching, anglophone, mouthpiece, false beginner, chairman, communicative competence, fluent, fluency, bilingual. dissolution, constituency, floor, mouth, dissolve, substitute, parliament, parliamentarian, lower house, spokesperson, diet, spokeswoman, chamber, the Dail. presenter, plenary, voice, teller, speechifier, words, conveyor. authority (noun)
conversationalist (noun)
electricity (noun)
direct current, video, memory, fm, diode, computer, frequency, megahertz, crt, insulator, spark, polarity, resistance, capacitor, receiver, shock, tube, wattage, circuit, charge, cathode, alternating current, backplane, electrostatic, connection, motherboard, radio, induction, cycle, volt, triode, juice, conductor, tweeter, negative, microphone, impedance, monitor, amperes, amplifier, electrode, radar, electronics, ac, processor, discharge, current, electromagnetism, resistor, transistor, ic, magnetism, positive, anode, transmitter, circuit card, network, television, watt, electricity, kilohertz, capacitance, voltage, ohm.
person (noun)
utterer, talker, verbalizer, verbaliser.
speaker (noun)
loudspeaker, talker, speaker system, speaker unit, verbaliser, verbalizer, loudspeaker system, utterer.
spokesperson (noun)
talker (noun)
orator, mouthpiece, spokesperson, speechmaker, rhetorician, talker, lecturer.
teacher (noun)

Other synonyms:

speechmaker, spellbinder, spokeswoman, speechifier, spokesperson, Declaimer. conveyor, mouthpiece. plenary, teller. mouth. voice. agitator
Other relevant words:
floor, diet, bilingual, preacher, chairman, conveyor, lecturer, verbaliser, spokesperson, MIC, dissolve, constituency, amp, Declaimer, anglophone, mouthpiece, spokesman, speechifier, mike, presenter, parliament, Discourser, rhetorician, words, speaker system, dissolution, spellbinder, fidelity, verbalizer, speaker unit, speechmaker, bullhorn, discussant, substitute, talker, mouth, chamber, voice, loudspeaker system, demagogue, teller, fluency, loudhailer, orator, encode, fluent, parliamentarian, megaphone, utterer, loudspeaker, plenary, spokeswoman.

Usage examples for speaker

  1. The princess turned to see the speaker but she was alone on the plain. – The Green Forest Fairy Book by Loretta Ellen Brady
  2. The speaker made a sign to the chief- of- staff: " Write the two names side by side and see if they are not one." – The Cavalier by George Washington Cable
  3. " If I'd never seen you," said the speaker softly, " I'd think you were right here in the suit with me." – Breaking Point by James E. Gunn