Synonyms for Lake:


Windermere, great bear, ontario, creek, jet, drop, loch, superior, spatter, leak, sip, champlain, mere, loch ness, Finger Lakes, victoria, Great Salt, Tahoe, river, Lyn Cawlyd, geneva, michigan, Loch Tay, Lough Erne, Wastwater, yellowstone, Ennerdale Water, erie, Leman, Buttermere, NYASA, mouth, splash, Bassenthwaite Water, trickle, Nyanza, tarn, Como, ladoga, Derwentwater, Lough Neagh, Millac, lough, Maggiore, Crummock Water, Loch Lomond, Coniston Water, Great Slave, Inland Sea, lucerne, condensation, Constance, Haweswater, huron, tanganyika, Lake of the Woods, Baikal. millpond, L. body of water (noun)
inlet, tank, well, bay, fiord, ditch, gulf, puddle, bayou, strait, reservoir, pond, pool, cove, sound, estuary, lagoon.
inland body of water (noun)
loch, creek, mouth, pond, pool, tarn, reservoir, Inland Sea, lagoon, mere, millpond.
water (noun)
dew, bath, moisture, immersion, irrigation, rain, deluge, water, wetness, ocean, sprinkle, sea, aqua, dilution.

Other synonyms:

loch, millpond. mere. L. Other relevant words:
river, lucerne, victoria, Haweswater, Derwentwater, Maggiore, creek, huron, Como, Nyanza, champlain, erie, ontario, mouth, michigan, Inland Sea, ladoga, tanganyika, NYASA, trickle, jet, Baikal, Wastwater, yellowstone, lough, Constance, Windermere, superior, Millac, sip, geneva, Buttermere, millpond, tarn, spatter, L, Leman, loch, leak, splash, mere, condensation, drop, Tahoe.

Usage examples for lake

  1. The first lake approached is called the Dead Sea. – See America First by Orville O. Hiestand
  2. Would they attack Philadelphia or the fort on Lake Champlain? – George Washington by Calista McCabe Courtenay
  3. Ben, I wouldn't do what you have done for all the steamers on the lake – Haste and Waste by Oliver Optic