Usage examples for counterpoint

  1. The lights, the colours, the explosions, the shrieks, the feathered hats, the pretty faces as they fly past, the gilding, the statuary, the August night, and the mingling of a thousand melodies in a counterpoint beyond the dreams of Wagner- these things have stirred the sap of life in you, have shown you how fine it is to be alive, and, careless and free, have caught up your spirit into a heaven from which you scornfully survey the year of daily toil between one Wakes and another as the eagle scornfully surveys the potato- field. – Tales of the Five Towns by Arnold Bennett
  2. Wagner said to Mr. Dannreuther- see Finck's " Wagner and his Works"- that " Mozart's music and Mozart's orchestra are a perfect match; an equally perfect balance exists between Palestrina's choir and Palestrina's counterpoint and I find a similar correspondence between Chopin's piano and some of his Etudes and Preludes- I do not care for the Ladies' Chopin; there is too much of the Parisian salon in that, but he has given us many things which are above the salon." – Chopin: The Man and His Music by James Huneker
  3. It is the same with life and death, which lurk one within the other as do rest and unrest, change and persistence, heat and cold, poverty and riches, harmony and counterpoint night and day, summer and winter. – The Note-Books of Samuel Butler by Samuel Butler