Synonyms for Barring:


except for (adjective)


From, Amid, failing, aboard, Against, Into, Among, at. act (noun)
barring (noun)


defending (verb)
defending, Barricading, guarding, protecting, countering, opposing, Sustaining, screening, Policing, Warding, safeguarding, Securing, Replying, covering, supporting, returning, shielding, saving, backfiring, Retorting, Fending, arguing, Rebutting, buffering, upholding, Resisting, counterattacking, Responding, Sheltering, answering.
dissuading (verb)
Disinclining, Deterring, admonishing, chilling, diverting, disheartening, inhibiting, Deflecting, daunting, Restraining, intimidating, depressing, discouraging, Dissuading, banning, Preventing, averting, dampening, Derailing.
excluding (verb)
Amputating, expelling, Exiling, Ostracizing, Banishing, Disbarring, disqualifying, Deporting, Removing, Boycotting, ousting, Expatriating, Excommunicating, Evicting, Repudiating, relegating, Proscribing, Eradicating, Renouncing, Prohibiting, forbidding, Extraditing, Ignoring.
hindering (verb)
Cramping, stopping, Hamstringing, dragging, Staying, Obstructing, Impairing, Plugging, Entrapping, Hampering, Handicapping, baffling, Paralyzing, Detaining, bottlenecking, Fouling, catching, Damming, restricting, frustrating, Encumbering, congesting, Tangling, Entangling, blocking, Interrupting, choking, Bunging, Complicating, braking, impeding, fettering, Burdening, Clogging, constraining, Crimping, constipating, Miring, thwarting, curbing, Delaying, jamming, hindering, crippling, Snarling, Snagging.
prohibiting (verb)
Outlawing, Oppressing, Precluding, Refusing, Suppressing, controlling.
rejecting (verb)
Sniping, vomiting, Eliminating, excreting, Spewing, Jilting, Excising, Oppugning, Disgorging, Ejecting, Evacuating, belching, Lopping, Discarding, deep-sixing, Ejaculating, cutting, Denying, venting, exhausting, Discharging, blacklisting, Rejecting, Disclaiming, clipping, Excluding, disapproving, Blackballing, Trashing, jettisoning, shearing, junking, Checking, Chopping, emitting, Cropping, draining, exuding, Abandoning, Secreting, Disallowing, shedding, seeping, erupting, Curtailing, Culling.

Other synonyms:

From, Among, Amid, Against, Into. failing, aboard, at. Other relevant words:
From, at, failing, Against, Amid, Among, aboard, Into, blackball.

Usage examples for barring

  1. Are you barring the gate for fear I should force my way in? – Doctor Cupid by Rhoda Broughton
  2. It was that crooked bound which broke all our hearts; for we knew that, barring a miracle, our man was in the sand trap. – Fore! by Charles Emmett Van Loan