Synonyms for Girth:


expansion, chest, front, compass, abdomen, belly, body, flank, bigness, belly button, heart, back. bridle, strap, crop, fence, hurdle, harness, bit, band, halter, horsewhip, blinders. gauge, span, spread, width, thickness, breadth, length, depth. circumference (noun)
border, periphery, outline.
fatness (noun)
girth (noun)
cinch, circumference, bigness, begird, expansion, girt, compass, gird, strap.
outline (noun)
drawing, wire frame, figure, border, framework, outline, delineation, circumference, configuration, frame, limit, perimeter, form, plan, contour, tracing, periphery, sketch, silhouette, profile, representation, skeleton.
thickness (noun)
depth, width.
waist (noun)
width (noun)
span, thickness.


fasten (verb)

Other synonyms:

band, front, belly, belly button, back, flank, abdomen, blinders, chest, body. bridle, breadth, heart, hurdle, thickness, horsewhip. harness. length. fence. crop, span, gauge. depth. bit. spread. breadth
Other relevant words:
breadth, bigness, fence, gauge, hurdle, chest, front, span, crop, depth, heart, girt, bit, flank, harness, belly, begird, spread, back, expansion, horsewhip, band, length, halter, cinch, blinders, thickness, compass, strap, body, width, bridle, abdomen, gird.

Usage examples for girth

  1. The stranger seemed quite content; he dismounted, and they helped each other to take off the horse's girth and saddle, after which the Knight let him graze on the flowery pasture, saying to his host, " Even if I had found you less kind and hospitable, my good old man, you must have borne with me till to- morrow; for I see we are shut in by a wide lake and Heaven forbid that I should cross the haunted forest again at nightfall!" – Famous Stories Every Child Should Know by Various
  2. The breadth of his shoulders was concealed by the depth of his chest; and the girth of his throat was made to appear quite normal by the lordly size of the head it supported. – Gunman's Reckoning by Max Brand
  3. So irregular is this enormous mass that no two persons taking its girth exactly agree. – In Indian Mexico (1908) by Frederick Starr