Synonyms for Changeling:


cyclops, dracula, Dorian Gray, cupid, arthur, cowboy, elf, Dick and Jane, arthurian. changeling (noun)
cretin, imbecile, moron, half-wit.
person (noun)
cretin, imbecile, moron, half-wit.

Other synonyms:

cyclops, elf, Dorian Gray, dracula, cupid, Dick and Jane, arthur, arthurian. cowboy. Other relevant words:
cowboy, arthur, cyclops, dracula, cupid, elf, arthurian.

Usage examples for changeling

  1. I think I died before you ever saw me; and out of the sea and the mist that day some changeling crept into your boat for your soul's undoing. – The Firing Line by Robert W. Chambers