Synonyms for Numskull:


dumb blond, joker, numpty, maniac, clown. dimwit, dummy, ability, dullard, dummkopf, dumbbell, chump, DUMBO, clod, dolt, thickhead. fool (noun)
idiot (noun)
dimwit, bonehead, blockhead, dummy, fool, nitwit, dolt, dumbbell, dunce.
numskull (noun)
dunce, bonehead, blockhead, knucklehead, lunkhead, muttonhead, dunderhead, hammerhead, loggerhead.
simpleton (noun)
fool, nitwit.
stupid person (noun)
dummy, dunce.

Other synonyms:

dimwit, dummkopf, fool, DUMBO, chump, thickhead. dullard, dummy, dumbbell, dolt. clod. Other relevant words:
dolt, dummy, dummkopf, dullard, thickhead, dumbbell, clod, DUMBO, fool, chump, nitwit, dimwit.

Usage examples for numskull

  1. Go on, go on, numskull you will do your own business effectually. – The Blunderer by Moliere
  2. Three letters had come from Aunt Winnie,- a Government boat brought weekly mail to the lighthouse on Numskull Nob. – Killykinick by Mary T. Waggaman