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numskull - 96 results
Other synonyms:

cretin, loggerhead turtle, bonehead, dullard, mome, gander, maniac, imbecile, jackass, pinhead, chucklehead, fuckhead, cuddy, noodle, goon, nitwit, ratbag, clunk, thickhead, fathead, noddy, chowderhead, clodpoll, clod, stock, clown, ability, dim bulb, dumbass, meathead, numpty, shithead, DUMBO, deadhead, oaf, dimwit, goof, nincompoop, lamebrain, nimrod, dumbhead, moron, dork, dolt, hardhead, prat, half-wit, yo-yo, dum-dum, golem, dodo, bubblehead, lump, joker, doofus, dummy, yahoo, hammerhead shark, dope, loon, ninnyhammer, simpleton, natural, cluck, nit, knucklehead, dummkopf, clot, ignoramus, stupe, know-nothing, mug, stupid, donkey, lunkhead, chump, schnook, schlub, birdbrain, woodenhead, turkey, airhead, saphead, hammerhead, dunce, blockhead, dumb blond, ninny, idiot, dumbbell, muttonhead, fool, loggerhead, mutt, dunderhead, dip.

Examples of usage:

Go on, go on, numskull; you will do your own business effectually. - "The Blunderer", Moliere.

Three letters had come from Aunt Winnie,- a Government boat brought weekly mail to the lighthouse on Numskull Nob. - "Killykinick", Mary T. Waggaman.

Even that numskull of a driver doubted whether she was your wife or not. - "Sigurd Our Golden Collie and Other Comrades of the Road", Katharine Lee Bates.

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