Synonyms for Bungler:


dub, bull in a china shop, screwup, ability, foozler. blunderer (noun)
bumbler, screwup, botcher, stumbler.
bungler (noun)
bumbler, oaf, butcher, stumbler, butter-fingers, blunderer, goof, fumbler, fuckup, yokel, botcher, sad sack, clown, blunder-head, clodhopper.
fool (noun)
dummy, cretin, ignoramus, blockhead, nitwit, dunce, half-wit, knuckle-head, moron, imbecile, chuckle-head, dumbbell, dimwit, dolt, crackpot, nincompoop, fool, dullard, bonehead, meathead, clod, loon, simpleton, lame-brain.
fumbler (noun)
numskull, block, clumsy oaf, scatterbrain, butterfingers, harebrain, featherbrain, klutz, lummox, spoiler, addlebrain, incompetent, hacker, Blunderhead, Rattlehead, turkey, screw up, Looby, flounderer, Marplot, Mismanager, gawk, doofus, muffer, schlemiel, airhead, stumblebum, lubber, duffer, donkey, Muddler, bull in a china shop.
klutz (noun)
person who blunders (noun)
donkey, dolt, botcher, fumbler, screw up, clod, spoiler, clumsy oaf, Mismanager, featherbrain, blunderer, numskull, ignoramus, bumbler, dunce, muffer, harebrain, addlebrain, incompetent, duffer, butcher, klutz, Muddler, blockhead, butterfingers, fool, bonehead.
sad sack (noun)
sad sack.

Other synonyms:

incompetent, foozler, screwup. clod
Other relevant words:
lubber, harebrain, schlemiel, foozler, doofus, incompetent, stumbler, numskull, blunderer, spoiler, turkey, Looby, butterfingers, butcher, sad sack, Marplot, airhead, stumblebum, fuckup, addlebrain, Rattlehead, scatterbrain, clumsy oaf, duffer, Muddler, featherbrain, screw up, lummox, Mismanager, donkey, screwup, muffer, klutz, hacker, flounderer, Blunderhead, dub, bull in a china shop, ability, block, gawk.

Usage examples for bungler

  1. He is a traitor to his country and something of a bungler but I can make use of him. – The Boy Allies Under the Sea by Robert L. Drake
  2. He said that he had left a few birches to screen the line of the upper switch, for fear some nervous bungler driving an engine down, might be frightened, and " blow" about the switch. – The-Brick-Moon-and-Other-Stories by Hale, Edward Everett