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bungler - 102 results
Other synonyms:

fuckup, duffer, muddler, hacker, bloomer, bungle, bull in a china shop, boo-boo, slaughterer, butcher, tripper, flounderer, screw-up, foul-up, donkey, ability, looby, gawk, meatman, muffer, botch, marplot, flub, stumblebum, clumsy oaf, scatterbrain, addlebrain, harebrain, pratfall, dub, block, blooper, screwup, featherbrain, bull in a china shop, incompetent, lubber, blunderbuss, sad sack, bumbler, airhead, fumbler, foozler, schlemiel, blunderer, spoiler, blunder, lummox, boner, numskull, blunderhead, mismanager, doofus, botcher, klutz, rattlehead, stumbler, turkey, butterfingers.

Examples of usage:

The amateur sinner, the mere bungler whom we meet with, alas! - "The Green Carnation", Robert Smythe Hichens.

He is a traitor to his country and something of a bungler, but I can make use of him. - "The Boy Allies Under the Sea", Robert L. Drake.

He said that he had left a few birches to screen the line of the upper switch, for fear some nervous bungler, driving an engine down, might be frightened, and " blow" about the switch. - "The-Brick-Moon-and-Other-Stories", Hale, Edward Everett.

Similar words:

bungled, bungle, bungee, bunker, bundle, bungee cord, bunker hill, bunched, bungling.

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