Synonyms for Knight:


confederate, dragoon, ensign, fusilier, conquistador, cavalryman, ANZAC, centurion, brave. baroness, baronetcy, consort, count, baronet, aristocracy, countess, baron, archduke. check, chessboard, grand master, castle, gambit, chessman, capture, bishop, chess, checkmate. dame, knighthood, order, MBE. artifact (noun)
cavalier (noun)
knight-errant, Hospitaler, gentleman, champion, sir, templar, paladin, aristocrat, man-at-arms, thane, bachelor.
knight (noun)
horse, dub.
mister (noun)
nobleman (noun)
baronet, archduke.
noble person (noun)
champion, man-at-arms, templar, gentleman, paladin.


social (verb)

Other synonyms:

dragoon, man-at-arms, ANZAC, conquistador, MBE, sir, centurion, cavalryman, knighthood, fusilier. ensign, brave. dame, confederate. order. nobleman
Other relevant words:
bachelor, templar, knighthood, baronetcy, gentleman, baron, chessman, count, aristocrat, sir, dragoon, cavalryman, centurion, ensign, castle, order, baronet, man-at-arms, dame, ANZAC, paladin, thane, champion, bishop, fusilier, knight-errant, MBE, brave.

Usage examples for knight

  1. Knight stretched his big arms and legs and sprang from his chair. – The Man In The High-Water Boots 1909 by F. Hopkinson Smith
  2. With us poor folks, wishing is one thing, and doing is quite another, Sir Knight but what then? – Famous Stories Every Child Should Know by Various
  3. Years ago you told me I didn't think you good enough to- to be my knight – Then I'll Come Back to You by Larry Evans