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loon - 234 results
Other synonyms:

donkey, woodenhead, sicko, wise, nit, bubblehead, dum-dum, dipper, chowderhead, airhead, dingbat, madwoman, chucklehead, ninnyhammer, frogman, prat, golem, ratbag, knucklehead, psycho, diver, mug, natural, addle-head, stupid, addlehead, noddy, madman, clunk, fathead, saphead, eccentric, gander, crackbrain, ding-a-ling, schlub, noodle, mome, screwball, mutt, plunger, loony, lunkhead, goof, nutcase, know-nothing, dunderhead, hardhead, lump, numskull, pinhead, nimrod, crank, psychopath, stock, headcase, lamebrain, weirdo, cuddy, dumbhead, kook, maniac, oddball, nutter, nut, goon, nutjob, weirdie, yahoo, dip, clodpoll, oaf, doofus, yo-yo, thickhead, deadhead, sickie, birdbrain, ninny, space cadet, lunatic, wacko, dork, cluck, bug, head case, schnook, dim bulb, grebe, stupe, loggerhead, dummkopf, underwater diver, clot, hammerhead, crazy, oddity, fruitcake.

Examples of usage:

She knew me for the merry loon who had entertained her guests one night a fortnight since, when on my way from Pesaro to Rome. - "The Shame of Motley", Raphael Sabatini.

" Ninth Baron of Dimbledon," added Forbes, " and as crazy as a loon!" - "The Voice in the Fog", Harold MacGrath.

She's crazy, crazy as a loon! - "The Land of Long Ago", Eliza Calvert Hall.

Similar words:

loot, loom, figure loom, feedback loop, figured-fabric loom, side-look, take a look, have a look, get a look.

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