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par - 67 results
Other synonyms:

criterion, equation, benchmark, usual, bid price, median, level, comparability, mean, acronym, gold standard, broker-dealer, norm, model, touchstone, baseline, measure, caddy, bondholder, birdie, AV, ace, grade, cf., B, quality, equivalence, Capt., bogey, standard, bunker, equating, bear, rating, parity, equivalency, bull market, normal, same, sameness, comparison, equality, bearish, metric, abbreviation, compare, CCTV, backswing, gauge, bullish, apt., barometer, coequality, average, norm, quality assurance, bar, mark, anon., bid, coordinateness, bear market, bpi, bull, bogie, yardstick, medium.

Examples of usage:

I should like to keep it at about par. - "Dear Enemy", Jean Webster.

See the present, Par. - "Minor Poems by Milton", John Milton.

Accord conclu par Robert de Braquemont, etc. - "The Story of Rouen", Sir Theodore Andrea Cook.

Similar words:

pars anterior, Pars Distilis, pars nervosa, part, trailer park, spare part, tenth part, take part, part name, part of speech.

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