Synonyms for Evict:


hound, starve out. evict (noun)
force out.
remove (noun)
study at eject.


contact (verb)
force out.
exclude (verb)
ignore, repudiate, proscribe, amputate, prohibit, disallow, bar, relegate, renounce, deny, excise, forbid, eradicate, ban, disqualify.
seclude (verb)
confine, extradite, eliminate, blackball, insulate, screen, cloister, exclude, alienate, excommunicate, deport, closet, extirpate, oust, detach, banish, boycott, sequester, separate, isolate, exile, ostracize, blacklist, reject, eject, disbar, expatriate, expel, remove, seclude, segregate, cordon.
throw out from residence (verb)
eject, bounce, force out, oust, kick out, remove, send packing, expel.

Other synonyms:

kick out, starve out. hound, throw out. chuck. bump. bounce. exclude
get rid of
kick out.
Other relevant words:
force out, throw out, kick out, chuck, send packing, show someone the door, bump, give someone the boot, bounce.

Usage examples for evict

  1. If the Cocquecigrues are in possession of the land, and if they are tenants exceedingly hard to evict it is because of the encouragement they receive from those to whom we innocently turn for help: from the poets, novelists and men of letters whose duty it is to brighten and make glad our days. – Masterpieces Of American Wit And Humor by Thomas L. Masson (Editor)