Synonyms for Expecting:


believing (adjective)
gravid (adjective)
in a family way.
pregnant (adjective)
parturient, pregnant, gestating, expectant, fertilized, breeding, in a family way, with child, gravid, enceinte.


in a family way, great, gone, big, gravid, enceinte, reproduction. expectant (noun)
about to become a mother, due.
expecting (noun)
with child, gravid, pregnant, expectant, enceinte.


desiring (verb)
Thirsting, hankering, grasping, welcoming, Coveting, Fancying, longing, craving, Lusting, Hungering, Needing, itching, pining.
expecting (verb)
Suspecting, Contemplating, Envisaging, foreboding, Foreknowing, Apprehending, Presuming, foreseeing, Dreading, gathering, assuming, Presupposing, Surmising, Imagining, Inferring, Awaiting, Deducing, envisioning.
foreseeing (verb)
Prophesying, foretelling.
hoping (verb)
trusting, Desiring, aspiring, Hoping, believing, wanting, dreaming of, yearning, Relying.
intending (verb)
Considering, scheming, resolving, Aiming, Intending, Minding, meaning, planning, Proposing, Choosing, wishing, Endeavoring.
planning (verb)
charting, designing, arranging, Anticipating, blueprinting, coordinating, Conceiving, Inventing, Plotting, Premeditating, Contriving.

Other synonyms:

gravid, enceinte. great. gone. with child
Other relevant words:
in a family way, big, gone, enceinte, gravid, great.

Usage examples for Expecting

  1. " The Belknap- Jacksons were rather expecting him, you know. – Ruggles of Red Gap by Harry Leon Wilson
  2. I am expecting some friends at eight o'clock. – The Secret Passage by Fergus Hume
  3. Here we sat, expecting every moment the return of our Indians. – Adventures in the Far West by W.H.G. Kingston