Synonyms for Checking:


defensive (adjective)


ascertaining (verb)
Ascertaining, finding out, demonstrating, Establishing, confirming, double checking, substantiating, assuring, Certifying.
blemishing (verb)
scraping, spoiling, Dotting, Defacing, Abrading, scratching, Specking, Fracturing, Slitting, Freckling, scoring, Nicking, Tainting, Kinking, Blotting, Flawing, Tarnishing, staining, hurting, Scarring, Scuffing, damaging, marking, Flecking, Marring, Gashing, Distorting, Hacking, blistering, cracking, defecting, chipping, Deforming, splotching, spotting, Disfiguring, Discoloring, Notching, Blemishing.
dissuading (verb)
Restraining, admonishing, depressing, disheartening, Preventing, Disinclining, Derailing, discouraging, averting, Deflecting, daunting, diverting, banning, Dissuading, inhibiting, dampening, intimidating, chilling, Deterring.
examining (verb)
scanning, perusing, Considering, studying, Examining, reviewing, Contemplating, observing, Inspecting, Scrutinizing, surveying.
experimenting (verb)
probing, Proving, Assaying, Analyzing, investigating, testing, Benchmarking, experimenting, determining, researching, trying, verifying.
hindering (verb)
frustrating, Paralyzing, fettering, Interrupting, Damming, Crimping, bottlenecking, Encumbering, braking, constraining, Hampering, Handicapping, catching, restricting, Plugging, thwarting, Delaying, Fouling, Complicating, Impairing, Burdening, Snagging, Entangling, Staying, dragging, curbing, blocking, constipating, Tangling, congesting, Cramping, crippling, Entrapping, Detaining, baffling, Hamstringing, Miring, jamming, choking, Clogging, Snarling, stopping, Bunging.
listing (verb)
indexing, Digesting, filing, budgeting, Tabulating, accounting, Tallying, Auditing, logging, Chronicling, inventorying, documenting, Invoicing, Enumerating, booking, listing, Noting, Registering, cataloging, scheduling, Journalizing, summarizing, collecting, detailing, Tabling, Storing, recounting, recording, counting, Totaling, itemizing.
negating (verb)
Disavowing, Nullifying, Repudiating, Canceling, Inverting, counterbalancing, Effacing, negating, invalidating, Overturning, Disproving, Renouncing, disaffirming, Reversing.
opposing (verb)
fighting, disagreeing, repressing, confronting, conflicting, Contradicting, hindering, countering, Repulsing, Counteracting, Oppressing, Rebuffing, counterattacking, Defying, challenging, Resisting, interfering, Objecting, protesting, meddling, Obstructing, Disputing, impeding, crossing, Intercepting, Suppressing, opposing, antagonizing, repelling.
rejecting (verb)
exhausting, barring, emitting, Disallowing, Denying, seeping, Jilting, shearing, Disgorging, erupting, Blackballing, Discarding, draining, Eliminating, Excising, Disclaiming, Trashing, Ejaculating, Chopping, deep-sixing, Rejecting, Ejecting, clipping, Sniping, belching, venting, Cropping, shedding, Discharging, vomiting, Secreting, excreting, Lopping, Excluding, Curtailing, Culling, junking, Abandoning, jettisoning, Oppugning, disapproving, exuding, cutting, Spewing, Evacuating, blacklisting.
variegating (verb)
Checkering, colorizing, Streaking, Tessellating, marbling, Striating, striping, coloring, Dappling.

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Usage examples for Checking

  1. " Well, and mother," said Dahlia, checking her, " promise me. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. The history of the human race shows, that great privations and much suffering may be experienced, without materially checking the rapid increase of population. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  3. Naturally, the heavier the material to be dried, the more difficulty is experienced from checking which has its most active time in the spring when the sap is rising. – Seasoning of Wood by Joseph B. Wagner