Synonyms for Checkers:


checker, domino, bagatelle, checkerboard, board game, counter. act (noun)
game (noun)
hearts, patience, mah-jongg, baccarat, penny ante, euchre, dominoes, chess, parcheesi, gin, draw poker, bridge, gin rummy, poker, old maid, stud poker, solitaire, contract bridge, hopscotch, blind man's bluff, billiards, canasta, blackjack, draughts, straight poker, rum, quoits, Skat, faro, game, snooker, Chinese Checkers, horseshoes, keno, whist, pinochle, rummy, backgammon, marbles, seven-up, shuffleboard, cribbage, tiddlywinks.
inspector (noun)


variegates (verb)
flecks, streaks, checks, striates, stripes, Freckles, dapples, colors, tessellates, colorizes.

Other synonyms:

checker, checkerboard, domino, board game. bagatelle. counter. Other relevant words:
checker, domino, bagatelle, checkerboard, board game, counter.

Usage examples for checkers

  1. Checkers chess, and dominoes are not neglected. – Pepita Ximenez by Juan Valera
  2. After that Betsy moved the checkers only with her other hand. – Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield
  3. The checkers dropped, and the pencil ceased scratching on the slate, in breathless suspense. – Children of the Tenements by Jacob A. Riis