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while (adverb)


Other synonyms:

now, being, Eastern Samoa, though, for, arsenous anhydride, inasmuch as, simultaneous, together, every bit, white arsenic, at the same time, whereas, whilst, considering, notwithstanding, since, by/in contrast, arsenic trioxide, albeit, even as, as though, arsenic, like, precisely, ratsbane, comparatively, American Samoa, relatively, evenly, all the time, as long as, seeing, much as, look at, whereas, meanwhile, arsenous oxide, nay, howbeit, whilst, compared with/to, because, next to, equally, explain, so long as, relative, than, concurrent, when, atomic number 33, seen against something, the... the..., i.e., besides.

Examples of usage:

" Why, just tell Him, just as you did me, and ask Him to help you. - "Tip Lewis and His Lamp", Pansy.

It is to do as He would do. - "In His Steps", Charles M. Sheldon.

Here was life as he knew it. - "The Chief Legatee", Anna Katharine Green.

Similar words:

such as, regard as, much as, sure as shooting, smart as a whip, pay as you earn, naked as a jaybird, deaf as a post, naked as the day one was born, naked as the day you were born.

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