Synonyms for Surprising:


amazing (adjective)
overwhelming, astonishing, impressive, amazing, astounding, bewildering, dazzling.
different (adjective)
surprising (adjective)
sudden, shocking, astounding, startling, astonishing, unanticipated, unexpected, unforeseen.
unexpected (adjective)
unforeseen, unanticipated, stunning, startling, remarkable, extraordinary, sudden, astonishing, amazing, shocking.


phenomenal, extraordinary, sensational, earth-shattering. extraordinary (noun)
unusual, remarkable.
surprising (noun)
unexpected, startling, amazing, stunning, astonishing.


alarming (verb)
panicking, signaling, startling, dismaying, frightening, shocking, Scaring, alarming, alerting.
amazing (verb)
stunning, Dazing, Impressing.
surprising (verb)
jolting, catching unawares, taking aback.

Other synonyms:

phenomenal, remarkable, earth-shattering. extraordinary. fascinating
Other relevant words:
earth-shattering, extraordinary, unusual, amazing, phenomenal, remarkable, sensational.

Usage examples for surprising

  1. He started in, and the results were surprising – Edison, His Life and Inventions by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
  2. There would be nothing surprising in the murderer's using them. – The Eight Strokes of the Clock by Maurice Le Blanc
  3. " Faith, I neither know nor care," was the surprising answer, wearily delivered. – The Sea-Hawk by Raphael Sabatini