Synonyms for Mistaken:


all (adjective)
dishonest (adjective)
erroneous (adjective)
illogical, defective, miscalculated, Misconstrued, inexact, botched, marred, faulty, fallacious, misjudged, Misconceived, flawed, all wet, erroneous, misestimated, false, incorrect, inaccurate, distorted.
misguided (adjective)
Misled, unwarranted.
misinterpreted (adjective)
misread, garbled, misinterpreted, twisted, confused, misrepresented, misquoted, deformed, distorted, misunderstood.
wrong (adjective)
erroneous, faulty, fallacious, flawed, wrong, improper, inaccurate, untrue, false, bad, incorrect, illegal, aberrant, Misconstrued.
wrong, incorrect (adjective)
erroneous, Deceived, Misconstrued, false, faulty, unsound, all wet, confounded, Deluded, fallacious, confused, Misled, illogical, untrue, Fooled, inaccurate, unadvised, misguided.


conceptual, inexact, confounded, metaphysical, Deceived, orthodox, popular, utopian, deterministic, central, theoretical, nonconformist, abstract, Deluded. correct, barking up the wrong tree, all wet, be/get lost in the shuffle, be sadly mistaken, in error, d'oh, on the right/wrong track, at cross purposes, unsound, off, off-base, way off the mark. ill-advised (noun)
unadvised, Deceived, Fooled, Misled, unwarranted.
mistaken (noun)
misguided, wrong, incorrect, false.


confused (verb)
clouded, confused, Misconstrued, Mistook, flustered, perplexed, baffled, Obscured, muddled.
misinterpreted (verb)
deformed, misread, misquoted, confused, distorted, Mistook, misinterpreted, misunderstood, twisted, misrepresented, garbled.
misjudged (verb)
underestimated, overestimated.

Other synonyms:

d'oh, Deluded. Deceived. unsound. misguided
Misled, misguided.
Other relevant words:
confounded, conceptual, utopian, orthodox, Deceived, unadvised, Deluded, Fooled, inexact, deterministic, all wet, misguided, d'oh, in error, central, Misled, unwarranted, off, abstract, unsound, popular, nonconformist, at cross purposes, metaphysical, theoretical.

Usage examples for mistaken

  1. " Oh, I think you are mistaken – Winding Paths by Gertrude Page
  2. But he may have been mistaken – The Untilled Field by George Moore
  3. You sure you're not mistaken – 100%: The Story of a Patriot by Upton Sinclair