Synonyms for Consequential:


all (adjective)
authoritative (adjective)
commanding, influential, impressive, arrogant, effective, imperious, autocratic, important, authoritative, powerful, dictatorial, masterful, potent, effectual, strong, authoritarian.
critical (adjective)
effective (adjective)
productive, effective, resultant, fruitful.
ensuing (adjective)
important (adjective)
earthshaking, world-shaking, crucial, key, notable, heavyweight, pivotal, eminent, momentous, noteworthy, vital, big, prominent, serious, fundamental, influential, big-wig, big-name, critical, grave, salient, important, considerable, high-powered, distinguished, central.
life-and-death (adjective)
significant (adjective)
grave, momentous, serious, eventful, weighty, substantial, meaningful, important, big, material, considerable.


knock on, therefore, From, consequently, thus, accordingly, ensuing, hence, by virtue of something, as a consequence/in consequence. historic, monumental, material, big, significant, meaningful, substantial, large. affect, weighty. consequential (noun)
of import, eventful, important.

Other synonyms:

historic. meaningful, monumental. significant. weighty, large, substantial. Other relevant words:
ensuing, eventful, substantial, monumental, material, significant, consequently, historic, big, large, meaningful, weighty, vital, of import.

Usage examples for consequential

  1. Then the door opens, and Mr. Buscarlet, with a sufficiently subdued though rather triumphant and consequential air, enters. – Molly Bawn by Margaret Wolfe Hamilton
  2. " We're hunting in couples again, doctor, you see," said Jones, in his consequential way. – The Boy Scouts Book of Stories by Various