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lady - 93 results
titles (noun)

Her/Your Ladyship, Judge, Esq., honorific, Justice, the Honorable, Hon., Jr..

Other synonyms:

Mrs., consort, archduke, helpmeet, wonder, sunshine, noblewoman, baronetcy, dame, old lady, skirt, missis, gentility, countess, peeress, girls, folk hero, man, husband, inamorata, aristocracy, wifey, baronet, chick, gal, babe, helpmate, miss, baroness, Count, polite company, hubby, gentleman, gill, girlfriend, polite society, guiding light, hero, sister, the fair sex, young lady, doll, match, the upper class, womenfolk, bird, Brahman, old lady, golden girl, baby, ma'am, gentlewoman, heroine, legend, madam, womankind, housewife, gentry, aristocrat, life partner, mate, ladylove, role model, adult, missus, little woman, working girl, the nobility, wench, brothel keeper, idol, golden boy, baron.

Examples of usage:

You will get them because you love the little lady. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

But to this the lady made no answer at all. - "A Red Wallflower", Susan Warner.

" Indeed, my lady, you surprise me. - "Stories of Many Lands", Grace Greenwood.

Similar words:

sporting lady, pink lady, naked lady, showy lady slipper, slender lady palm, showy lady's-slipper, our lady's bedstraw, the lady with the lamp, ram's-head lady's slipper, our lady's mild thistle.

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