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lass - 50 results
Other synonyms:

filly, working girl, Jeune Fille, nymph, sheila &amp, housewife, damsel, New Zealand, lassie, the fair sex, young girl, missy, maiden, young lady, womenfolk, womankind, miss.

Examples of usage:

Bring the lass wi' thee, Nick- we'll make out, lad, we'll make out. - "Master Skylark", John Bennett.

You can ill spare it, I see that, crummie girl, but, oh, my lass, it's worse to see another hungry than it is to hunger yourself. - "Life on the Stage", Clara Morris.

So you may go with Ruby, lass. - "The Lighthouse", Robert Ballantyne.

Similar words:

Orlando Di Lasso, every last, last out, last resort, shoemaker's last, next-to-last, cobbler's last, first and last, Custer's Last Stand, in the last analysis.

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