Synonyms for Lass:


housewife, womankind, working girl, womenfolk, the fair sex. damsel (noun)
lassie, woman, young girl.
lass (noun)
Jeune Fille, lassie, young girl.
person (noun)
Jeune Fille, lassie, young girl.
woman (noun)
dame, female, femininity, frau, gentlewoman, lady, matron, milady, squaw, woman, womanhood.
young person (noun)
youngster (noun)
baby, boy, child, fledgling, girl, infant, innocent, juvenile, kid, lad, minor, newborn, sapling, slip, sprig, sprout, stripling, toddler, urchin, waif, youngster.
young woman (noun)
damsel, female, girl, lassie, maiden, young lady.

Other synonyms:

housewife, womankind, young lady, womenfolk, the fair sex. working girl. Other relevant words:
damsel, Jeune Fille, lassie, maiden, womankind, young girl, young lady, womenfolk.

Usage examples for lass

  1. Bring the lass wi' thee, Nick- we'll make out, lad, we'll make out. – Master Skylark by John Bennett
  2. You can ill spare it, I see that, crummie girl, but, oh, my lass it's worse to see another hungry than it is to hunger yourself. – Life on the Stage by Clara Morris
  3. So you may go with Ruby, lass – The Lighthouse by Robert Ballantyne