Synonyms for Moderator:


abbess, bishop, archdeacon, the Archbishop of Canterbury, canon, archbishop, abbot, cardinal, bishopric, archbishopric. contingent, convener, deputation, chair, delegate, discussion group, chairwoman, meeting. arbiter (noun)
adjudicator, referee.
chairman (noun)
judge (noun)
expert, censor, mediator, judge, authority, justice, adjudicator, lord chancellor, his honor, reconciler, arbitrator, negotiator, his lordship, magistrate, administrator, referee, judiciary, umpire.
mitigator (noun)
mediator, referee.

Other synonyms:

chair. Other relevant words:
archbishop, convener, bishopric, abbess, canon, chairwoman, deputation, contingent, abbot, bishop, cardinal, archbishopric, delegate, meeting, chair, archdeacon.

Usage examples for moderator

  1. Gerrish rapidly finished something he was saying to Colonel Marvin, and then half rose, and said, " Mr. Moderator I withdraw my resolution- for the time being, and- for the present, sir," and sat down again. – Annie Kilburn A Novel by W. D. Howells