Synonyms for Missionary:


cult, animism, ascetic, denomination, congregation, messenger, herald, brethren, coreligionist, teacher, padre, Baha'i, revivalist. religion, apostle. clergy (noun)
ecclesiastic, clergyman, novice, brother, minister, archpriest, priest, chaplain, cleric, monk, archdeacon, father, pilgrim, curate, canon, friar, vicar, reverend, sister, abbot, pope, prior, cardinal, pastor, rector, abbess, evangelist, prioress, nun, bishop, preacher, archbishop, Canoness, prelate.
messenger (noun)
missionary (noun)
person who aids, does religious work (noun)
messenger, apostle, missioner, herald, pastor, minister, preacher, teacher, revivalist, evangelist.
zealot (noun)
puritan, sectarian, fanatic, Bible-thumper, faith healer, zealot, Salvationist, iconoclast, crusader, fundamentalist, sermonizer.

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Other relevant words:
coreligionist, denomination, ascetic, apostle, cult, congregation, animism, herald, brethren, religion, padre, teacher, revivalist, messenger, missioner.

Usage examples for missionary

  1. " Yes," said De Forrest, " I'll promise to be a devoted missionary all my life." – From Jest to Earnest by E. P. Roe
  2. After tea Mrs. Lowrie played over to us " The Missionary Call." – A Retrospect by James Hudson Taylor
  3. At the door she met the missionary – The Children's Book of Christmas Stories by Various