Synonyms for Dean:


archdeacon, the Archbishop of Canterbury, bishop, archbishopric, archbishop, canon, cardinal, abbess, bishopric. figure, mover and shaker, authority figure, churchman, ecclesiastic, a force to be reckoned with, dignitary, vip, eminence, prime mover, magnate, minister, mogul, leading light. governing body, provost, agriculture, bursar, education, lunch lady, chancellor, guidance counselor, engineering, registrar, medicine, official, pharmacy, law. dean (noun)
James Byron Dean, doyen, James Dean.
director (noun)
ringleader, supervisor, queen, general, superintendent, king, mayor, boss, conductor, band master, taskmaster, baron, ringmaster, warden, magistrate, overseer, administrator, overlord, foreman.
leader of institution (noun)
administrator, senior, dignitary, doyen, authority, president, principal, ecclesiastic.
master (noun)
mother, headmistress, executive, headmaster, titleholder, director, maestro, proprietor, officer, lord, abbot, president, landlord, principal, proprietress, master, mandarin, leader, ruler, manager, sire, mahatma, head, guru, landlady, quartermaster, chief, commandant, captain, governor, authority, commander, senior, squire, kingpin, star.
person (noun)
James Dean, James Byron Dean.
recorder (noun)

Other synonyms:

bursar, minister, guidance counselor, governing body, lunch lady. provost, chancellor. james byron dean
James Byron Dean.
Other relevant words:
James Byron Dean, engineering, chancellor, figure, mogul, vip, bursar, dignitary, law, agriculture, registrar, cardinal, eminence, minister, archbishopric, archbishop, medicine, pharmacy, ecclesiastic, churchman, abbess, provost, doyen, archdeacon, James Dean, official, bishop, bishopric, canon, education, magnate.

Usage examples for dean

  1. There were no chairs whatever in Hall, except the single chair of the vice- master at the head of the table on the dais and that of the senior dean at the table next the East wall. – Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy by George Biddell Airy
  2. " Yes, but this is the worst," complained Emma Dean – Grace Harlowe's Overland Riders on the Great American Desert by Jessie Graham Flower