Synonyms for Makin:


act (noun)
tarawa, tarawa-makin.
makin (noun)
tarawa, tarawa-makin.

Other synonyms:


Usage examples for makin

  1. An' everybody speaks so sweet an' soft to you, like 's if their voices was makin' music. – In Wild Rose Time by Amanda M. Douglas
  2. But I was weel aware that a' my dress- and Mr Meiklejohn himsel, the minister, hadna a finer gloss on his black coat, or a brighter white in his cravat- a' my posture- makin my attitudes and smiles- a' my sentimental looks, and turnin up o' the white o' my een- could avail me little, unless I picked out some female as the object and mark o' a weel- directed and significant glowr. – Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Vol. XX by Alexander Leighton
  3. Last spring he was hangin' round my camp consid'able, makin' hisself pleasant- like when the drive went through. – Lost Farm Camp by Harry Herbert Knibbs