Synonyms for Clinic:


cabal, coalition, corps, body, board, class, army, committee, consortium. dissertation, module, master class, credit, coursework, graduation, assignment, paper, placement. funny farm, General Practice, day center, field hospital, day care, General Hospital, asylum, Halfway House, care home. clinic (noun)
hospital (noun)
infirmary (noun)
Polyclinic, hospital, group practice, dispensary.
medical center (noun)
hospital, dispensary.
workshop (noun)
mill, factory, plant, laboratory, bench, boatyard, shop, workbench, sawmill, workshop.

Other synonyms:

funny farm, hospital, group practice, cabal, General Hospital, Halfway House, care home, field hospital, General Practice, committee, coursework, master class, day center, consortium. day care, corps, graduation, asylum. coalition, assignment, placement, module, army, paper. class. board. credit. body. Other relevant words:
committee, graduation, asylum, Polyclinic, dissertation, dispensary, General Hospital, consortium, corps, board, field hospital, body, paper, army, cabal, placement, assignment, coalition, credit, coursework, module, hospital, class.

Usage examples for clinic

  1. We rigged up a sort of field hospital, using part of the temple for a clinic and Walter and Rice and Colfax and I cut off legs and arms and heads of no end of diseased folks and operated for compound cataract and every known and unknown disease, and the Lord was with us. – The High Calling by Charles M. Sheldon
  2. It was true; it was strange, too, but there in the class, While the learned man was talking, her mind seemed to pass Out, away from the clinic away from the town, To a New England midsummer garden close down By the salt water's edge; and she felt the wind blowing Among her loose locks as she leaned o'er her sewing, While the voice of a man stirred her heart into song. – Three Women by Ella Wheeler Wilcox