Synonyms for Wedding:


Diamond anniversary, centennial, bicentennial, bicentenary, date of birth, golden anniversary, birthday, anniversary, centenary, diamond jubilee. bachelorette party, bride, betrothal, best man, bridal party, bridal shower, betrothed, bachelor party, bridal, nuptial. inclusion (noun)
inclusion, envelopment, incorporation, relation, enmeshment, partnership, integration, membership, embodiment, entanglement, involvement, encompassment, composition.
junction (noun)
bond, juncture, abutment, merger, relationship, alliance, splice, synergy, adherence, marriage, connection, coupling, branch, juxtaposition, adjacency, junction, attachment, jointure, consolidation, meeting, annexation, amalgamation, conjunction, connectedness, affiliation, affixation.
marriage (noun)
troth, wedlock, Betrothment, conjugation, espousal, matrimony, nuptials, banns, union, man and wife, elopement.
marriage ceremony (noun)
marriage rite (noun)
union, matrimony, espousal, nuptials, marriage ceremony, bridal, wedlock, marriage.
wedding (noun)
wedding ceremony, wedding party, nuptials, marriage, marriage ceremony.


attaching (verb)
sticking, joining, Attaching, Marrying, Adhering, connecting, Clinging, Relating, merging, Affixing, fastening, abutting, bonding, Hitching, binding, juxtaposing, splicing, Annexing.
including (verb)
Incorporating, Comprising, enmeshing, encompassing, integrating, Entangling, Including, composing, Involving, Embodying, enveloping.
joining (verb)
Amalgamating, Consolidating, Allying, Affiliating.
marrying (verb)
Eloping, Conjugating, Betrothing, uniting.

Other synonyms:

bridal. Other relevant words:
Diamond anniversary, wedding ceremony, diamond jubilee, wedding party, nuptial, bridal, golden anniversary, marriage ceremony.

Usage examples for wedding

  1. A wedding was to take place. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. He might trust himself again on her wedding day. – A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia by Amanda Minnie Douglas
  3. The tall Cointet went back to Angouleme to be present at Petit- Claud's wedding with a mind at rest as to the future. – Eve and David by Honore de Balzac