Synonyms for Federation:


dictatorship, republic, country, protectorate, monarchy, autarky, nation, democracy, oligarchy. connect, bureau, Anschluss, cartel, institution, structure, setup, organization, special interest, politics, front, authority. club, fellowship, fraternity, guild, order, association, sorority, congress. academy (noun)
fraternity, league.
collection (noun)
collection, set, assembly, mix, formation, bloc, stew, bunch, medley, society, partnership, assortment, body, college, complement, group, salad, omnium-gatherum, council, band, assemblage, corps.
confederacy (noun)
organization, federal union.
confederation (noun)
coalition, confederation, alliance, union, league.
federation (noun)
confederacy, confederation.
partnership, organization (noun)
union, league, confederacy, coalition, association, alliance, bunch.

Other synonyms:

Anschluss, special interest, republic, protectorate. guild, oligarchy, sorority, dictatorship, setup, democracy. cartel, organization, autarky, nation, country, association, institution, bureau, monarchy. congress, structure. authority. fellowship. front. order. Other relevant words:
dictatorship, Anschluss, structure, republic, protectorate, setup, oligarchy, alliance, cartel, monarchy, confederacy, organization, club, nation, institution, country, fellowship, order, congress, democracy, guild, sorority, fraternity, association.

Usage examples for federation

  1. They probably did a lot of fighting among themselves, after they got out of the Federation – Space Viking by Henry Beam Piper
  2. You know, sometimes I think a few lights are coming on again, here and there in the Old Federation – Space Viking by Henry Beam Piper
  3. Can you sketch a plan of federation such as our friends below would agree to and could carry? – George Brown by John Lewis