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Denied - 313 results
Examples of usage:

Moreover, though she would have denied it even to herself, the younger girl had come to occupy a far larger share of her heart than had even been given to the self- reliant Jemima. - "Kildares of Storm", Eleanor Mercein Kelly.

He could have remained silent, or denied it. - "Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist", Alexander Berkman.

Whenever he did any thing wrong, he never ran to his father and mother to tell them of it; but when they asked him about it, he denied it, and said he had not done the things which he had done. - "The Little Dog Trusty; The Orange Man; and the Cherry Orchard; Being the Tenth Part of Early Lessons (1801)", Maria Edgeworth.

Similar words:

dented, denuded, denver, self-denial, dense, Saint Denis, St. Denis, dense blazing star, dense-leaved elodea, Ruth Saint Denis.

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