Synonyms for Recent:


all (adjective)
contemporary (adjective)
latest, current, up-to-the-minute, topical.
current (adjective)
fresh, latter-day, contemporary, modern, novel, late, up-to-date, new.
early (adjective)
late (adjective)
modern (adjective)
new (adjective)
latest, new, modern, late-breaking, current, topical, avant-garde, late, up-to-date, fresh, up-to-the-minute, novel, contemporary.


just now, original, freshly, latterly, lately, the other day, newly, only just, recently, just. latter-day, time. recent (noun)
modern, late, past, new.

Other synonyms:

freshly, original, newly, recently, latter-day, latterly, lately. just. Other relevant words:
late, latter-day, original, latterly, time, freshly, recently, just, past, newly, lately.

Usage examples for recent

  1. However this new dramatic form may be explained, whatever may be its character, there is hardly a book of poetry that has appeared in recent years that does not contain examples. – Browning and the Dramatic Monologue by S. S. Curry
  2. I do not know what has become of Sionism during recent years. – Modern Saints and Seers by Jean Finot
  3. This certainly is the fact, if we may judge from recent information. – Select Speeches of Daniel Webster by Daniel Webster