Synonyms for Satanism:


horn, the forces of darkness/evil, the devil, evil, old nick, black mass, lucifer, satanic. black magic (noun)
sorcery, witchcraft, magic, diabolism, wizardry.
diablerie (noun)
sorcery (noun)
demonism, witchcraft, devilry, horoscopy, Divining, palmistry, magic, diabolism, augury, clairvoyance, Occultism, astrology, sorcery, wizardry, fortune telling, necromancing.

Other synonyms:

old nick, black mass, lucifer. satanic. horn. evil. Other relevant words:
lucifer, satanic, evil.

Usage examples for satanism

  1. Hesitatingly he confessed that he had from curiosity assisted at a black mass, and that afterwards, without wishing it, he had defiled a Host which that woman, saturated with Satanism concealed about her. – En Route by J.-K. (Joris-Karl) Huysmans
  2. The explanation of Satanism is there, in great part, anyway, for without sacrilegious priests there is no mature Satanism – Là-bas by J. K. Huysmans