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unthinking - 51 results
foolish (adjective)

impulsive, unwise, rash.

Examples of usage:

There are no classes such as you have in mind in the Church, even though a few unthinking members seem to imply it by their actions; but there is no real class distinction in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints, only such that are based on the doing of the right and the wrong. - "Dorian", Nephi Anderson.

But still, there's a gulf between extreme probability and absolute certainty that's a bit wider than the unthinking reckon for. - "Ravensdene Court", J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher.

Nominally, that is to say in the eyes of unthinking men, the North will conquer the South; but your existing armies will not do it. - "Who Goes There?", Blackwood Ketcham Benson.

Similar words:

unthinkingly, untiring, unthankful, unthinkable, unthinkably, untrusting, untempting, untangling.

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