Synonyms for Solitary:


all (adjective)
lone, lonely.
alone (adjective)
hermit, single, detached, unmarried.
aloof (adjective)
chilly, cool, apart, unsociable.
antisocial (adjective)
ascetic, retiring, hermitlike, uncommunicative, alienated.
celibate (adjective)
chaste, spinsterish, asexual, single, alone, ascetic, lone, bachelor, intact, celibate, virginal, old maid, abstemious, unwed, monastic, monkish, unplowed, pure, maiden, abstinent, unmarried.
cool (adjective)
offish, undemonstrative.
misanthropic (adjective)
remote (adjective)
secluded (adjective)
misanthropic, outcast, detached, Excluded, isolated, confined, aloof, closeted, Ejected, cloistered, blacklisted, separated, sequestered, Eliminated, Blackballed, anonymous, lonely, Extradited, boycott, Banished, Exiled, hermitic, alienated, Deported, secluded, antisocial, alone, Extirpated, xenophobic, cordoned, Expatriated, Ostracized, maverick, Disbarred, reclusive, segregated, Excommunicated.
single (adjective)
only, lone, individual, singular, odd, unique, one, sole, single.
solitary (adjective)
offish, aloof, retired, isolated, particular, reclusive, lonesome, individual, antisocial, separate, unapproachable, misanthropic, unfrequented, remote, sequestered, unaccompanied, only, distant, standoffish, out-of-the-way, reserved, unsocial, lonely, lone, cloistered, withdrawn, Companionless, unique, singular, secluded, sole.


nothing, not a living soul, naught, zilch, nobody, no one, none, no., not a single. include, apart, stay-at-home, keep to yourself, self-contained, removed, two's company, three's a crowd, isolate. internment, imprisonment, correctional, life sentence, Companionless, prison, life, hard labor, extraordinary rendition, confinement, life imprisonment. near, remote, insular, outlying, obscure, out-of-the-way, back. distant, chill, chilly, undemonstrative, reserved, reticent, uncommunicative, offish, withdrawn, standoffish, hot, attitude, cool, unapproachable. particular, one, separate. alone (noun)
in isolation, (all) by yourself, home alone, (all) on your own.
recluse (noun)
sole (noun)
separate, unsociable, hermitlike, retired, retiring, Companionless.
solitary (noun)
lonesome, unfrequented, solitary confinement, nongregarious, troglodyte, alone, unaccompanied, solitudinarian, lonely, recluse, eremitic, ungregarious, unsocial, lone, inaccessible, only, eremitical, sole, nonsocial, unaccessible, single, hermit.
state (noun)
solitary confinement.

Other synonyms:

offish, Companionless, naught, retiring, nobody, zilch, none, stay-at-home, no one. outlying, undemonstrative, insular, self-contained, nothing, unapproachable, out-of-the-way, standoffish, withdrawn. reticent, removed, uncommunicative. chilly, particular. distant, obscure, reserved, chill, cool, remote. no.. alone
home alone.
Other relevant words:
lonesome, solitary confinement, reserved, out-of-the-way, undemonstrative, back, unapproachable, standoffish, hot, nonsocial, life, near, chilly, prison, zilch, recluse, eremitic, individual, unaccessible, removed, apart, unaccompanied, nothing, uncommunicative, chill, insular, reticent, none, one, nobody, isolate, retiring, offish, attitude, unfrequented, retired, hermit, correctional, Companionless, cool, naught, unsocial, troglodyte, hermitlike, ungregarious, separate, stay-at-home, obscure, nongregarious, distant, solitudinarian, imprisonment, inaccessible, outlying, remote, unsociable, internment, eremitical, self-contained, withdrawn, include, confinement, particular.

Usage examples for solitary

  1. " It is a solitary spot," observed Balsamides to the terrified Selim. – Paul Patoff by F. Marion Crawford
  2. One solitary dreadful hour is passed! – Marie Antoinette And Her Son by Louise Muhlbach Official
  3. A solitary north canoe, however, passing thus in silence, can give but a faint idea of the sensation felt on seeing a brigade of them arriving at a post after a long journey. – Hudson Bay by R.M. Ballantyne